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Traveling the world is exciting but tough. Every item in our bags must be useful and strong. I've traveled a lot and found some things are missing. That's why I'm making four great products for people like me who love to travel light and simple.

Haven Superfood Snack Bar

Tasty and Healthy

Inspiration: I needed a snack that was easy to carry and good for my health. So, I decided to make Haven bars.

Product Vision: Haven bars are full of good stuff to give you energy and keep you going. They taste great and are easy to bring along.

Why It's Needed: Most snacks either don't taste good or aren't good for you. Nomads need a snack that's both.

Snug Cub Sleep Mask

Sleep Well Anywhere

Inspiration: Finding a good sleep mask that keeps all the light out was hard. That's why I made Snug Cub.

Product Vision: Snug Cub uses soft foam and a special shape to make sure no light gets in. It helps you sleep well, no matter where you are.

Why It's Needed: Good sleep is important. Snug Cub helps you sleep by blocking out all the light.

Gear Of Defense - GOD Mode Apparel

Ready for Anything

Inspiration: I needed clothes that could handle different weathers and still look good. That's what GOD Mode Apparel does.

Product Vision: GOD Mode clothes protect you from sun and keep you fresh. They work well in any weather and still look cool.

Why It's Needed: Most travel clothes can't handle different weather well and still look nice. GOD Mode clothes do both.

The Nomad Boot

Tough and Stylish

Inspiration: I love my Thursday boots, but I needed something better for both city walks and wild trails. That's how I thought of the Nomad Boot.

Product Vision: The Nomad Boot is strong, looks good, and has secret spots to hide things. It's perfect for any place your adventure takes you.

Why It's Needed: It's hard to find boots that look good and can handle rough places. Nomads need boots that can do both.

We Build Together

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