Personal Brand Journey

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Welcome to my newest journey. I’m Emery Bishop, an entrepreneur who's spent over a decade behind the scenes of various projects. Usually, I let my work do the talking. But now, I'm stepping into the light to build my personal brand.

Why Personal Branding?

For a long time, each of my projects started from scratch. This meant building trust and audience from the ground up every time, which was rewarding but exhausting. I’ve come to see the power of a personal brand—it’s like building a bridge between me and you, my audience. It carries my voice and amplifies it, helping me connect more deeply with you all.

What This Journey Means

  • Educating an Audience: I'll share the lessons I've learned from my years in entrepreneurship.

  • Sharing the Journey: I’ll give you a backstage pass to the highs and lows of building a brand.

  • Introducing New Projects: I’ll use my personal brand to smoothly introduce you to new ventures.

  • Creating Leverage: By forging strong, direct relationships, I’ll enhance all my future projects with your support.

Why Start Now?

As of May 2024, I'm focusing on my personal brand. This isn’t just a new project; it’s the cornerstone of everything I'll build in the future. With a strong, genuine connection, I can bring more value and make a bigger impact.

Where to Connect with Me

This journey is about conversation and community, not just broadcasting my updates. Here's how you can join in:

  • Blog/Site: The main place for detailed articles, updates, and insights.

  • X: For quick, real-time updates and engaging with the community. Follow me @emerybishop.

  • YouTube: Where I bring our topics to life with videos. Subscribe to my channel at Emery Bishop's YouTube.

  • LinkedIn (US version): For connecting with professionals and sharing industry content. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • Instagram: For a visual, personal connection. Follow me @emerybishop.

  • Skool: A community space for in-depth discussions and learning. Join us at Skool - Growth Creators.

This setup ensures you can connect with me from anywhere, in the way that suits you best.

Let's Build Together

Starting this personal branding journey is a big move for an introvert like me. It’s about turning my quiet strength into a voice that resonates through all my future work. Join me on this path, share your thoughts, and let’s grow a community together. Let’s do something amazing.